My breeding

I’m a young girl living in Iceland. I have been involved with dogs for the biggest part of my live. I got my first dog when I was ten years old. That was a terrier mix called María. Before that both my sister had had dogs, and one of them has been breeding Schafers, Pugs and Lagotto as well under the prefix Sleggjubeina.

I got my first Border Terrier 2005. When I totally fell for the breed… this great little dog that I got has been everything I wished for. Her name is Rökkurdís and she is the reason for my breeding – it’s her fault that I spend all my income on dogs.

I have had 5 litters so far, and my dogs have done quite well. But I would not have been able to do all that I have done with out the help and support of Ulrika and Roger Berge kennel Sub Terram in Sweden. I stayed at their place summer 2007 and learned a lot about the breed.


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